Scania to unleash The Terminator

This giant vacuum tanker, which sits on one of the largest Scania chassis ever built, is about to go on duty in the sewers of London.

Scania to unleash The TerminatorSet to work as deep as 100 metres underground, The Terminator extends long, flexible pipes down into sewer drains to draw up liquid waste.

It then cleans and recycles sewage water and transports left-over waste slurry to a treatment centre.

The truck is the result of a collaboration between a number of specialist businesses including Scania and Hydro Cleansing and took a full two years to build.

Managing Director of Hydro Cleansing, Steve Hoad, says The Terminator is based on a modified four-axle Scania R 730 Highline chassis.

“There’s the main engine and main gearbox, and then the powertrain is split halfway along the truck, where there is a transfer box with a secondary gearbox that’s an Italian-designed OMSI box.

“The hydraulic auxiliary allows the driver to have separate control of the jetting pumps suction pumps and air compressors that make up the tanker.

“It’s a machine that’s heavy duty everywhere you look.”

Terminator joins another huge vacuum tanker, the ‘Megatron’, which sits on a Scania R 620 chassis.

“To me, other manufacturers are just not as reliable as Scania. It’s the attention to detail and the care Scania takes in manufacturing that’s impressive.” Hoad said.

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