Scania Trucks Saving WA Operator Thousands

Perth-based freight company says switch to Scania a smart move.

Scania Trucks Saving WA Operator Thousands - Agar Haulage couldn’t be happier with their Scanias.

The proof of the pudding is in the eating, or in this case the total of the monthly diesel bill!

Agar Haulage, a small Perth-based express freight company, has a fleet of three prime-movers, including two Scania G 480 6-cylinder powered 6×4 units and an older American truck.

Owner, Craig Agar, says the two Scania Trucks are saving him big dollars on diesel fuel.

“I was a bit skeptical about the European trucks at first, now I’m a big fan.

“I went from using 46.7-litres per 100km in the American truck to 32.9-litres per 100km in the Scania,”

“I am saving around $41,000 for the two Scanias over the course of a year, or $200,000 over the 5-year life of the vehicles.”

Making daily runs to Bunbury and Geraldton and hauling either single or B-double trailers, Agar has told Behind the Wheel Truck News the Scanias are not only remarkably frugal, they also require less servicing.

And he says the Scanias also get the job done faster.

“Since we switched to the Scania G 480, the truck’s torque means that we get the Geraldton trip done in about 12 hours not 13, because hill speed is not impacted so much. That’s good for the driver for reduced fatigue, and good for keeping our customers happy.”

Kate Richards

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