Scania targets mining industry for autonomous vehicles

Scania targets mining industry for autonomous vehicles

Scania is pushing ahead with the development of new autonomous transport and vehicle technology and believes it will be the mining industry that is one of the big winners.

Scania targets mining industry for autonomous vehiclesScania say their primary focus at the moment is developing technologies and systems that can work efficiently and safely in industrial areas, such as mines, ports or terminals.

Tom Nystrom is a senior engineer at Scania, he’s told Behind the Wheel Truck News that it is in these environments where the technologies can really shine.

“There are many environments in the mining industry that are dangerous or unhealthy to people,

“In underground mining, many resources are spent on tunnel roof reinforcement before allowing people to enter. Self-driving vehicles don’t have the same requirements.”

While another aspect when it comes to the mining industry is availability.

“Many mines are located in extremely remote places,” says Nystrom.

“It’s often hard to recruit qualified people to such locations and this is a limiting factor for opening new operations. Additionally, each miner requires housing, cooking, cleaning, and so on, so you basically need to build an entire community by the mine.”

And he says Scania is in a prime position to cash-in on the investment in the autonomous vehicle tech.

“Nearly all automotive companies are working on self-driving vehicles, but the business cases for passenger cars most often involve driving on public roads,”

“We can start in the industrial sector and evolve from there to more and more complex environments, while building experience and continuously releasing new commercial products throughout the journey.”

“Big advantages for us at Scania are our modular way of building vehicles and that we can develop and adapt nearly all the necessary components ourselves.”

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