Scania and Ericsson test secure 5G connections

Scania and Ericsson test secure 5G connections

There’s been a lot of talk lately about the tech-heavy future of trucking and now Scania and Ericsson are testing-out the latest communication technology.

Scania and Ericsson test secure 5G connectionsThe 5G technology being tested by the two companies could be a major step towards a new transport communication that would open up concepts such as autonomous vehicles and connected vehicles, without being affected by regular mobile phone users.

Anders Ställberg, Scania’s Project Manager for City Automation, tells us 5G will enable trucks, cars and infrastructure such as traffic lights to communicate effectively.

“The new test network with its 5G components allows for a high quality mobile network service, with low-latency and high bandwidth, where a lot of complex data can be transferred very quickly and very reliably.

“This will provide us with a ‘priority communications lane’ when it comes to projects such as autonomous driving and platooning.”

Torbjörn Lundahl, Programme Director for the 5G National Research Programme at Ericsson Research, agrees.

“We want to show other companies how 5G can enable and support the digital transformation of their industry.

“We hope to gain valuable insights and innovations that will pave the way for further digitalisation, using 5G as an enabler.

“The trials with Scania will help us to understand the requirements to ensure they are met by the 5G standard and products, and deepens our experience with the transportation sector which is a focus industry for Ericsson.”

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