Safety focus turns to buses

Safety focus turns to buses

Buses are most commonly used in areas with large traffic volumes and a heavy concentration of pedestrians, yet strangely they seem to have been almost overlooked when it comes to safety systems.

Safety focus turns to busesBut that’s about to change, in New York City at least.

The city’s mass transit authority, the MTA, has announced it will soon begin testing several new technologies that could reduce all sorts of crashes involving the cities buses.

Detroit Bureau reports that one of the systems was developed by an Israeli tech company, Mobileye, which uses cameras strategically mounted on the outside of the vehicle to see what the driver might miss.

If a bicyclist or pedestrian is spotted in a danger zone an alert is sounded by the system and a warning lights up on the bus’s instrument panel.

The system also collects data on any near collisions and this can be used to help city planners fix any “hotspots” along bus routes where issues continue to keep popping up.

“Testing these systems is part of our ongoing commitment to improving the safety of our customers, pedestrians, and bicyclists,” said MTA spokesman Kevin Ortiz.

“These tests will take this commercially-available technology and hopefully show that we can put it to practical use on a larger scale under New York City operating conditions.”

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