Ryco brings new Synthetic Oil Filter range to Australia

Ryco brings new Synthetic Oil Filter range to Australia

Ryco has told Behind the Wheel that their new SynTec range of oil filters are a step ahead of oil filters of the past.

According to Ryco, the fully synthetic construction of the new oil filter range offers better engine protection and longer service intervals than existing technology too. Ryco is talking a service life of up to 15,000km.

Ryco brings new Synthetic Oil Filter range to AustraliaThe new tech being offered in a range that will fit most cars in Australia.

Engineer, George Dearden, saying the synthetic filter medium, or ‘Nano Fibre’, has been found to be able to remove contaminates that traditional filters simply can’t.

“The Nano Fibre technology that is a feature in the SynTec range offers a very high initial efficiency that exceeds 99 per cent at 25 microns,”

“This is well above the filtration rates offered by standard filters while the low restriction to flow is beneficial at engine start up when cold.”

“Conventional cellulous based oil filter media have a very low initial efficiency during the early stages of its life, this means more particles smaller than 25um are able to pass through the filter.

“In comparison 100 per cent synthetic media filters have a very high initial efficiency while maintaining a low restriction across the filter, this means the filter is removing more contaminants smaller than 25um from the oil.”

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  1. Ryco Syntec Oil Filter is the only oil filter i will use now, after having changed over to full synthetic oils in my vehicle i find the Ryco Syntec to work best with these types of oil.

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