Rural area EV take up expected to remain low

Study finds little interest in electric cars outside cities

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By 2025 just 1 in 100 cars belonging to people who live outside U.S. cities will be powered by electricity.

That’s the prediction of a new report that predicts EV growth will take place primarily in urban areas in the short to medium terms.

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The report was completed by CoBank’s Knowledge Exchange Division and found high customer satisfaction and financial subsidies are driving strong increases in electric vehicle sales in urban centres.

But, if you don’t live in a U.S. city/urban area, well you’re most likely not all that enthusiastic about making the change to an electric powered vehicle.

The report saying that until EVs can travel a minimum of 200 miles(321km) on a single charge and are priced similar to internal combustion engine vehicles, adoption in rural communities will likely remain muted.

“By 2025, penetration of EVs in rural America is expected to remain below one percent, but by the time it reaches three percent of new car sales in rural America, technology will be much better than it is today,” said Taylor Gunn, lead economist with CoBank.

“Some rural electric cooperatives will have customers on the edge of urban and suburban America and may want to consider building public infrastructure.

“But for now – most rural electric cooperatives are unlikely to realize material growth in EVs, limiting any near-term EV-related growth in electricity sales.”

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