Road rules you might not know you’re breaking

police car lights

Some would say the rules were made to be broken, that might be the case, but perhaps not on the nation’s roads.

Telematics company, Teletrac Navman, have done some research on driving activities and habits that you might be doing but are actually illegal and can carry some pretty stiff penalties.

For example, having your music up too loud can attract a $200 fine in NSW.

Beeping your horn for the wrong reasons - $298

Holding your phone while using it as a sat-nav – up to five demerit points and a fine as well.

Not turning your lights on after dark - $112 and two demerit points.

And flashing your headlights to warn other motorists about an upcoming radar - $110.

That is an interesting one though, surely a flash of the headlights will encourage the other motorist to slow down – isn’t that the whole point of having radars and speed cameras?

And beware of the penalties you could face for doing things like eating and putting on makeup while you drive – fines range between $163 in Tasmania and $600 in WA.

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