Research finds enthusiasm for in-car Digital Radio

Research finds enthusiasm for in-car Digital Radio

But some say DAB is too hard to use

We love Digital Radio (DAB), not only does it give you even better reception than AM/FM, it also gives you access to a whole array of additional stations and genres.

Research conducted in Europe has found we aren’t the only ones who think it adds to in-car entertainment and enjoyment.

However, some people are frustrated with DAB.

Using an array of different cars, respondents were asked to carry out a series of tasks such as finding a particular station or setting a pre-set.

The participants were then asked for their feedback on how easy it was.

Some said it was all too difficult, while others were confused about some of the DAB terms that featured on the radios.

It was also determined that a majority of respondents prefer to search for stations via an A-Z station list.

The findings were announced at the WorldDAB Automotive Event in Munich and Chairman, Laurence Harrison, said feedback will be passed-on to manufacturers.

“People love digital radio in the car and there has been a significant growth in the number of cars sold with DAB as standard.

“This research will help the automotive and broadcast industries continue to create the best possible experience for drivers.

“Keeping it simple and safe for the driver remain the key priorities for digital radio.”

Do you like DAB? Is it hard to use in your car? Do you have any frustrations with it? Let us know in the comments section below.

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