Renault Trucks Promises Even Better T Range

It was the International Truck of the Year in 2015, yet Renault say they are going to make improvements to the T Series.

Unfortunately, it still looks like the Renault T-Truck won’t be coming to Australia.

Renault Trucks has just announced the highly-acclaimed prime mover range will get a major upgrade this year, with a view to making it even more cost efficient for owners/operators.

Improvements to the T-Truck chassis (including aerodynamic tweaks) and drive-line weight-savings will help cut fuel consumption by 2%, while increasing the payload by up to 114 kg.

The Renault T It is also getting the Optivision predictive cruise control system with GPS.

Sophie Rivière, Long Haul segment manager at Renault Trucks, says despite the praise of the model, Renault is now taking it to another level.

“Customer feedback shows us that the T offers unexpected performance in terms of fuel consumption and driving quality,”

“We have been working along three tracks to make our customers even more cost efficient: improve the aerodynamics to reduce fuel consumption, reduce the weight to increase payload and encourage eco-driving by means of a predictive cruise control system with GPS.”

The DTI 11 and DTI 13 engines have also benefited from an upgrade, enabling them to meet Euro 6 step C standard, which becomes mandatory at the end of this year.

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