Renault Master Bus perfect for wheelchair conversion

Wheelchair conversion an easy job with Renault Master Bus

Renault Master Bus perfect for wheelchair conversion

Renault Australia tell us they are finding an increasing number of customers purchasing a Renault Master Bus for school and community bus applications.

Renault Master Bus perfect for wheelchair conversionRenault has teamed up with Melbourne-based Norden Conversion to offer the Master Bus with access and space to accommodate two wheelchairs and seating for either eight or twelve.

The buses are ideal for schools, community groups, health and social services departments, aged community and respite homes, as well as maxi-taxi and regional bus operators, according to Renault’s Lyndon Healey.

“We could see a demand for a bus that offers accommodation for two wheelchairs that maximises the regular number of seats retained.

“Working in conjunction with Norden, we have created a product that meets a wide range of needs.

“We are confident this design will be viewed with a good deal of enthusiasm by these customers, and we look forward to helping more operators gain access to more efficient vehicles that make their lives and those of their passengers easier.”

While Nick Kotsonis from Norden Conversion says the Master Bus is an ideal vehicle for the conversion.

“For the two wheelchair specification we designed an internal layout that removed the raised floor from the passenger area, replaced some of the seats and installed the restraints for the wheelchairs and lastly, added the Braun L918 chairlift, all without requiring any structural modifications to the bus,”

“The rear barn doors open wide which means it is easier for the wheelchair lift operator to move the chairs into and out of the van.

“Because the lift is folded neatly inside the bus and the doors close normally, we are able to keep it free from road grime and out of the weather.”

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