Red Bull to build its own F1 engine

Reports say Red Bull F1 will go it alone in 2016.

Red Bull to build its own F1 engine - Red Bull looks set to supply it’s own engines for the 2016 F1 season.

Red Bull’s Formula One future is safe amid reports the former world championship winning team has found a solution to its engine supply problems.

Red Bull and Renault have become increasingly bitter towards one another as the 2015 season has worn on, with the former growing ever more frustrated at the lack of performance from the French manufacturer’s hybrid power unit.

The breakdown in the relationship has all but forced Red Bull into a corner, with neither Mercedes nor Ferrari willing to provide the team with engines.

With Honda the only other option, and that move being blocked by McLaren’s Ron Dennis, Red Bull’s 2016 engine supply remained a critical part of the team’s future.

However rumours now emanating from the Red Bull Formula One team suggest it will build its own engine, using the existing Renault block as its base.

Renault had produced an upgraded engine ahead of the Russian Grand Prix however Red Bull had declined to use it in both the United States and Mexico.

That decision is said to have related to an intellectual property argument over the engine which was co-developed by Red Bull’s Mario Illien.

Within Red Bull’s Milton Keynes factory, former Ilmor engine man Illien has been working with Renault to improve the engine.

The co-development was the sticking point in Red Bull using the updated Renault as they argued over who owned the design, though that is believed to have now been resolved.

Renault will continue to supply engines for the remainder of 2015 while from 2016 Red Bull will produce its own variant based on the current Renault block but with its own energy recovery system.

Renault meanwhile is set to turn its attention to Lotus, where its staff have already begun working ( despite the formal purchase of the team yet to be confirmed.

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