Red Bull loses Infiniti backing for 2016

Red Bull loses Infiniti backing for 2016

Red Bull F1 won’t be powered by Infiniti engines next season.

Red Bull loses Infiniti backing for 2016
Red Bull loses Infiniti backing for 2016 - At this stage Infiniti won’t have a major F1 presence in 2016.

Red Bull’s confirmation that it will use a TAG Heuer branded engine next season has left existing partner Infiniti with no option but to part ways with the team.

Infiniti is a child company of Nissan and has close ties with Renault courtesy of the Renault-Nissan Alliance, which effectively merged the two companies while each maintained its own corporate structure and identity.

In an effort to boost brand awareness for Infiniti, the Renault engine in the Red Bull was rebadged as Infiniti ahead of the 2011 season before the Japanese company stepped up its involvement with title sponsorship from 2013 in a deal thought to have exceeded $40million a year.

The deal proved successful, netting three world championships with Infiniti on the engine cover and Sebastian Vettel release a tweaked Infiniti FX50, a beefed up and sportier SUV released in 2012.

Despite a successful campaign, Infiniti won’t be involved with the Red Bull F1 team in 2016.

However, the deteriorating relationship with Renault has been the death knoll for the partnership. With neither Red Bull nor its engine supplier especially pleased that the relationship is continuing into 2016, the French company has waived its right to name the engine in its own image.

“Red Bull and Renault have reached a mutual and amicable agreement that will see the French car manufacturer continue to supply the team with engines for the 2016 Formula One season, and this new agreement does not cover any marketing activity for the Renault-Nissan Alliance,” the team confirmed.

As a result, Red Bull will be powered by wrist watch maker TAG Heuer, a move which instantly left Infiniti’s position on the car untenable.

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