Record-setting EV/hybrid half-year sales in UK

More 22,000 EVs and hybrids sold

The first half of 2017 has seen a record number of electric cars (EVs) and plug-in hybrid cars sold in the UK.

Data shows more 22,400 EV/plug-in hybrids were delivered to customers and that’s a total higher than any other six-month period in history.

The total also represents a 14% improvement on the same period in 2016, and a quite dramatic 53% jump on the first six months of 2015.

One car that seems to be finding a keen following in the UK is the plug-in hybrid version of the BMW 3 Series.

Sales of that model are up nearly 80%!

While the Nissan LEAF, which will soon arrive in an all-new generation model in Australia, was the biggest-selling EV in the UK.

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UK Transport Minister Jesse Norman welcomed the uptake in ‘non-conventional’ vehicles.

“It is great to see that electric and plug-in hybrid cars are helping more UK motorists to cut fuel costs and emissions.

“The total number of plug-in cars on our roads is at record levels, with the latest figures showing that there are now over 100,000 plug-in cars and vans registered in the UK.

“Our aim is that nearly all cars and vans on our roads are zero emission by 2050.”

The UK result comes as electric car sales in Australia start to show some signs off life.

VFACTS data shows 549 EVs have been delivered across the first half of the year, this compares with 315 in the same period last year.

In related news: France pulls the pin on internal combustion engines and Tesla puts the ‘reasonably priced’ Model 3 into production.

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