Range Anxiety Tops Behind the Wheel poll on EV issues

Range anxiety remains EV stumbling block according to Behind the Wheel Poll.

Range Anxiety Tops Behind the Wheel poll on EV issues

We asked you what was stopping you from buying an electric vehicle and the majority of our readers said it was range anxiety that was preventing them from taking the EV plunge.

The poll has received 500 responses (at the time of publishing this story) and among those who nominated what was holding them back from an EV purchase, 131 (or 26%) said concerns about how far they could drive on a charge was their biggest concern.

Range Anxiety Tops Behind the Wheel poll on EV issues
Behind the Wheel readers had their say on EV issues

Range anxiety was closely followed by Price (25%), Lack of Charging Infrastructure (19%) and No Models That Meet My Needs received 16% of the vote.

The car manufacturers that have EVs available in Australia will be pleased to see that only 14% of poll respondents said they weren’t interested in electric cars.

Behind the Wheel Editor, Joel Helmes, says the results probably aren’t that surprising.

“We’ve seen car manufacturers continue to stretch the distances that EVs can run on an electric charge, though compared to the distances a diesel or petrol car can run it’s generally a lot less.

“People are also reassured by the fact that they can pretty much refuel anywhere in a conventional vehicle.”

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