Radically Styled 2016 Yamaha MT-07 “Moto Cage” Debuts

Yamaha is officially launching the 2016 MT-07 “Moto Cage” at the Scottish Motorcycle Show this week.

The official public debut of the radically styled MT-07 comes after it’s first showing 16 months ago at the EICMA show in November 2014.

The stunt oriented machine is based on the standard MT-07 but has been given a makeover and is fitted with a list of parts to both make it stand out and protect the bike and rider.

The stand out feature of the bike is definitely the colour scheme that starts with a fluoro yellow tubular cage  that’s wrapped around the bike’s centre section for extra chassis protection.

The fluoro treatment is carried through to the wheels, knuckle protectors and radiator guards, and combined with blacked out chassis components the bright colour scheme makes the bike one of the most glaringly distinctive machines to ever come out of Yamaha.

The Moto Cage also has a bash plate, an exhaust protector plate and adjustable headlight mask.

It also has all the standard features of the popular MT-07, including ABS.

The MT-07 has been a popular bike for stunt riders, and the Moto Cage is set to take that popularity just that bit further.

Yamaha in Europe points out that the MT-07 Moto Cage is a special edition built up by an official Yamaha dealer with genuine Yamaha parts.

While it’s available in Europe, there’s no word on whether the Moto Cage will find its way to Australia although many of the same parts are already available here.

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