Prius or Corolla, which Toyota to buy?

Behind the Wheel listener Roger is looking for advice on Toyota Prius and Corolla.

Prius or Corolla, which Toyota to buy?
Prius or Corolla, which Toyota to buy? How about a Mazda3 instead of both Roger?

Hi guys, I catch the show each week on podcast and I have a question for you - Toyota Corolla or Toyota Prius, which one should I buy? Is it worth the extra for the hybrid?

Joel Helmes – No, the Prius is heavy, slow and dull. If you are only driving regular kilometers each year then it really isn’t worth spending the extra dollars on the Toyota hybrid. Take them both for a test drive and I reckon you will agree that the Corolla is the more sensible way to go. Oh, and it also doesn’t have all those potentially environmentally damaging batteries in the boot!

Simon Lai – Once again I’m a huge fan of the Kia Cerato, I’d be buying it and getting the Kia seven-year warranty too. The Toyota products are both good in their own way but the Prius, priced from $32,490, is way too expensive to make much sense economically.

Peter Hitchener – Do some research into resale value on both the Toyota Corolla and Prius before put your money down Roger. As an alternative to both, why not a Mazda3? The Mazda small car looks great, is well-priced, efficient and has a bit more fun and personality than either of the Toyota’s.

Chris Miller – No it isn’t worth the extra for the hybrid Toyota. In this case I wouldn’t recommend either Toyota product. Instead, head to a Volkswagen dealership and grab a Volkswagen Golf - our Car of the Year in 2014.

Roger, we hope that helps and please let us know which way you go.

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