Predictive cruise control technology may be the way forward

Class 8 trucks are now able to choose their own speed

Predictive cruise control technology may be the way forward

Australian trucks could soon be able to select the appropriate speed for the road conditions by themselves, saving on fuel consumption while keeping drivers safer.

International Truck is offering predictive cruise control as an option in their Class 8 highway truck models in the US.

The technology optimises the truck’s performance by looking at the road ahead, controlling the vehicle’s cruising speed based on the terrain and topography.

Developed by Navistar, the system utilises preinstalled GPS maps and commercial route data with geographic features and major highways all built-in.

International Truck estimates that when used with the right drivetrain, predictive cruise control can increase fuel efficiency by up to 4% which senior vice president of Global Product Development Denny Mooney says could save trucking companies a lot of money.

“This smart technology will enable fleets and drivers to obtain greater fuel efficiency and reduced emissions.”

“By reducing the need for drivers to make frequent adjustments, the system also makes vehicles easier and safer to operate.”

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