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Positive response from motorists in latest self-driving cars survey

Study finds most people think autonomous cars a good idea

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A U.S. study has found a generally positive response among motorists about the prospect of owning/using self-driving/autonomous cars.

The AutoPacific study found 54% of vehicle owners think self-driving vehicles are a “good idea”.

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The result goes against a recent U.K. study that found a large percentage of people felt automated driving technology and driverless cars would bring no benefit, and would make people lazy and becoming reliant on technology.

Interestingly, of the 900 vehicle owners polled, only 23% said they would be interested in owning one.

Why are people interested in the tech?

It was found that of those people interested in autonomous cars that the biggest attractions were the ability to relax, or be more productive during their drive.

Some were also interested in being able to be in a more comfortable seating position.

Conversely, those who weren’t positive about the self-driving tech raised concerns about vehicle hacking, and said they would like to be able to take over the controls if needed.

AutoPacific president George Peterson says the despite the general acceptance of the tech, some people are going to need to be convinced.

“Consumers want proof,”

“Many consumers like to see technology in action to know that it’s tested and proven. They read reviews. They pay attention to ratings.

“They want to know that a self-driving vehicle is reliable and safe.”

While the study also looked at consumer acceptance of a self-driving vehicle service - similar to Uber, that would pick them up on demand in an autonomous vehicle.

Just 19% of vehicle owners said they would be interested in using such a service.

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How do you feel about self-driving cars? Are you pro, or con the tech? Let us know in the comments section below.

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