Popularity of Jaguar Land Rover Continues to Rise

Popularity of Jaguar Land Rover Continues to Rise

Jaguar Land Rover reports record November 2015 sales.

Popularity of Jaguar Land Rover Continues to Rise - James Bond star Naomie Harris has helped promote Jaguar Land Rover vehicles in recent times.

If we couldn’t declare it before, I think we can now confidently say that Jaguar Land Rover is back and back in a big way.

After years of ownership changes and some models that missed the mark, Jaguar Land Rover under the stewardship of the Indian car group, TATA, has enjoyed nothing short of a sales surge in recent years.

The two famous British luxury brands have just reported record November sales results.

In November, Jaguar Land Rover retail sales climbed to 46,547 vehicles, up 27% on November 2014. The company sold 437,512 vehicles in the first eleven months of 2015, 4% up on the same period in the prior year.

Retail sales for the month of November were up 70% in the UK, 68% up in Europe, 52% up in North America and 8% up year-on-year in other overseas markets.

The increased sales come as Jaguar Land Rover cashes in on exposure in the new James Bond film, Spectre.

Andy Goss, Jaguar Land Rover Group Sales Operations Director, welcomed the record month.

“We started the fourth quarter of 2015 with a record October and have followed this up with another historic month of sales, thanks in large part to the performance of the UK and European markets.

“Jaguar has delivered a strong performance with solid growth in the UK and Europe thanks to the new XE. Land Rover has again seen record sales this month with continued strong global demand for the new and refreshed model line-up.”

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