Most popular car colours revealed

Traditional colours still proving popular

Most popular car colours revealed

Chemical company BASF has released their riveting Color Report For Automotive OEM Coatings revealing the most popular car colours around the world.

It comes as no surprise that white is by far the most popular car body colour across the globe with a 40 percent share.

But this probably isn’t due to choice, in most cases, with white being the common default colour in model ranges and a standard tone for commercial vehicles.

It’s something we don’t often consider but according to the report, vehicle segments an influence the popularity of certain shades.

With sales of SUVs skyrocketing, they are significantly influencing the popularity data with red, blue, and brown pushing up their tallies.

However, stats have shown that the smaller the car, the more vivid the colours are likely to be, which confirms why you notice so many little hatchbacks zipping around.

Despite their gregarious and boisterous nature, the Americans are shown to be quite boring when it comes to car colours preferring neutrals like white, black and grey or silver.

The Europeans are no different with grey made the highest increase and is now as popular as black offering over 100 different shades; the most number after blue.

It comes as no surprise that red is the most popular chromatic colour in Asia with the bright, eye-catching tone a symbol of luck and prosperity in the east.

Those in the Asia Pacific are surprisingly not afraid to be adventurous with many opting for classy and stylish colours that allow then to express individuality.

Though manufacturers offer more unique, outstanding colours to attract buyers, the range of tones, colours and shades will increase to more choice than ever before.

But it seems there’s still a place for the good old conservative black, white and blue.

What colour vehicle do you prefer? What colours would you like to see? Leave your comments below.

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  1. A lot of vehicle makers seem to have decreased their colours. It is very hard to find good shades of red, blue and there aren’t any shades of green. Most I look at have multiple shades of grey and white.

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