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Behind the Wheel podcast 326

Behind the Wheel podcast 326 is good to go!

Behind the Wheel podcast 326

Nissan Juke review on this Behind the Wheel podcast.

This week we look at how best to equip drivers with the skills to safely and effectively use motorways. Merging, overtaking, keeping up with traffic, some people just don’t have motorway skills.

On this Behind the Wheel podcast we also talk about an issue that we think deserves more discussion and focus – keeping left!

What do you look for when test driving a vehicle? We run you through some of the little things that you may not notice initially but may annoy you in the longer term.

We also talk hybrids and their future, and we have reviews of the Nissan Juke, Range Rover Evoque and Volkswagen Amarok for you.

All that latest auto news and George Harrison brings us the Car Song of the Week.

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