Have your pizza delivered by self-driving vehicles

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The Ford Motor Company in collaboration with pizza chain Domino’s are looking into the possibility of delivering of favourite cheese and tomato based fast food with fully autonomous vehicles.

The first test series will take place in Ann Arbor, Michigan over the next few weeks where random Domino’s customers will receive their order from a Ford Fusion Hybrid.

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It will of course be manned by a driver with researchers in the car observing only the customer interaction with the car and the delivery process.

This will involve the customer following the pizza’s journey with the GPS Domino’s Tracker, receiving text message updates and obtaining the box from the heated compartment in the vehicle through the use of a unique code.

With years of experience in delivery, self-driving vehicles is the next natural step according to President and CEO Patrick Doyle.

“We believe transportation is undergoing fundamental, dramatic change and are excited to help lead research into how self-driving vehicles may play a role in the future of pizza delivery.”

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Domino'sFord is currently working on the development of self-driving vehicles with plans to commence production in 2021.

Vice President of Ford Autonomous and Electric Vehicles Sherif Marakby says the application of self-driving vehicles to enhance our lives is endless.

“We’re pleased to have Domino’s join us in this important part of the development process as we increase our understanding of the business opportunities for self-driving vehicles to support the movement of people and goods.”

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