Parents say internet the best way to keep kids happy on road trips

U.S. survey looks at family road trip stressors ahead of holidays

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It’s almost upon us again – the time of the year when many Aussie families pack up and hit the road, often for very long road trips.

And for children, after the novelty of heading off on a holiday wears off, boredom normally very quickly kicks in…cue the “are we there yet?” barrage from the back seat.

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The results of a study of parents conducted by General Motors in the U.S. have just been released and it was found that giving kids access to technology is the easiest and most effective way to keep everyone happy.

The poll involved more than a thousand parents with more than half saying Wi-Fi/internet connectivity is the best way to help make family road trips more enjoyable.

While it was also found that traffic and other unexpected delays is by far the most stressful part of the family road trip, that was according to 63% of parents.

Surprisingly, just 26% said they are most stressed by getting asked “are we there yet?” and just 31% find it stressful to keep the kids entertained.

And despite the often long and sometimes tediousness of a long holiday drive, 93% of the parents said they enjoy road trips with their family.

The top reasons for loving the road trip included spending time with family (80%), and exploring and stopping at interesting locations/destinations (69%).

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Are you looking forward to hitting the road this Christmas? Let us know your thoughts, memories and feelings on family road trips in the comments section below.

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