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Just one in three car owners would consider a self-driving car

Canadian study shows some still not confident in self-driving tech

It’s almost a daily occurrence that we are bringing you news on something to do with self-driving (or autonomous) cars.

Now comes a study out of Canada that shows the majority of people are confident in the technology, but for one reason or another, only one in three car owners say they would buy one next time around.

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The study was conducted by DesRosiers Automotive Consultants and involved 4,500 Canadian adults.

It was found that acceptance of self-driving technology was greatest with younger respondents.

While those people who reported earning higher incomes and having higher education levels were also more likely to give a self-driving car a go.

Quebec respondents had the highest level of trust in autonomous vehicles, at 56.8%.

The study comes just days after a U.S. study found a generally positive response among motorists about the prospect of owning/using self-driving/autonomous cars (details here).

However there doesn’t appear to be consistent opinions about the still developing technology, a recent U.K. study found many motorists are not yet ready to hand over control of their car (details here).

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What do you think, are you ready to say yes to allowing the car to do the driving for you? Or are you concerned about handing over control?

Let us know your thoughts on autonomous car in the comments section below.

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