March 9, 2020

Old versus new, Scania puts its trucks to the test

Old versus new, Scania puts its trucks to the test

Scania compares 1992 model to 2017 prime mover…

There is no doubt the internal combustion engine has been significantly improved over the past twenty years or so.

But perhaps these figures show that it’s been diesels that have gained the most from the technological improvements.

Scania has just compared the fuel consumption and emissions data of one of its older prime movers with a current series vehicle and the results are quite an eyeopener.

The Swedish truck company ran a 1992 Streamline 143 V8 prime mover that had been an exhibit at the Scania museum, back-to-back with a new generation S 500 six-cylinder.

Both vehicles, which have 500hp engines, were tasked with hauling a load of logs on a Swedish National Road.

The end result? Fuel consumption from the new truck was 25% better than the 1990’s technology, while Nitrogen Oxide emissions were 95% lower from the 2017 vehicle.

Henrik Wentzel is a senior engineer at Scania, he says the results show just how far truck and engine technology has come.

“Fuel consumption has dropped by 1.3% per year since 2004,”

“At the same time, nitrogen oxide emissions have dropped significantly and this just confirms that the improvements that we are gradually introducing produce consistent results over time,”

“That’s the way it is with the development of diesel engines. There’s no revolutionary fix for everything, and instead it’s all about working hard on the details.”

While the drivers involved in the test said they were shocked at just how much quieter the new truck was compared to the 1990’s model.

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