The Odd Couple: 2017 Tesla Model S P100D Video Review

video review tesla model s

Tesla Model S Road Test, Review

Alan and David have been driving about in the 2017 Tesla Model S P100D.

The big talking point from this electric car is not the range, or the styling, it’s the ‘Ludicrous’ mode and zero to 100km/h sprint time of just 2.4 seconds!

The guys give it a whirl…

NUTS and BOLTS – 2017 Tesla Model S P100D

  • Engine: 3-phase induction motors producing 581kW/1,250Nm
  • Transmission: Single-speed fixed gear
  • Safety: Five stars
  • Warranty: 4yrs/80,000km
  • Origin: United States
  • Price: from $305,643 (as tested)

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