October 2017 a great time to buy a Renault Megane

Renault dealers looking to talk a deal to clear stock

If a new car from the Renault stable has been on your mind then now might be a great time to wander into your local Renault dealership.

Renault Australia tell us their dealers are looking to make way for new stock and that means you can most likely grab a great deal.

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In particular, Renault wants to wave goodbye to 2016-plated Renault Megane demonstrators and they say there is a potential for “substantial savings” on variants like the Megane Hatch Zen and Megane Hatch GT-Line.

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Jason Miller, Marketing Director of Renault Australia, says the new-generation Megane has been a strong seller since it was launched last year, but that doesn’t mean a great deal can’t be had.

“With new stock of Megane Hatch on the water, we need our dealers to clear their limited stocks of 2016-plated Zen and GT-Line demonstrators at very attractive prices.

“For the Zen models, we’re also including an electric sunroof at no additional charge,”

“Car-buyers entering the small car would do well to visit their local Renault dealer in the very near future.”

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