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Is it normal for water to leak under my car?

car water puddle

Why is there a puddle under Jo’s car?

Here’s a question that we reckon many people have asked over the years - “why is there a puddle of water under my car?”.

That was exactly the question that Jo sent in to us.

Thanks for that Jo, the short answer is that seeing some water under your car can either mean trouble, or absolutely nothing at all.

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Chances are the water you’re seeing is from your air-conditioning system and that is completely normal.

As you may know, air-conditioning works by way of removing moisture from the air. Naturally, this water has to go somewhere and that’s out of a pipe and onto the road.

When you’re driving around the water disperses and nobody notices, but sit for a little while with the engine running and the air-conditioning on, especially in a humid climate, and an amount of water is sure to be seen under your vehicle.

So that is the most likely and normal explanation for those under car puddles.

There’s also a possibility that your washer fluid bottle, or a washer fluid line could have a leak too.

If you’re finding that you’re constantly having to fill your washer fluid then that could be a possible answer.

In saying all that, no car owner - new or old, should ever be complacent about fluid leaks.

An issue such as a split/cracked heater hose could leave you high and dry with the possibility of serious engine damage.

Keep an eye on the puddles, if the water has a green tinge, or a strong green colour, then that is coolant and that is something your car should not be losing and will require immediate technical assistance.

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Hope that helps Jo, and more importantly we hope your puddles aren’t green!

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