Nissan slashes CO2 emissions

Nissan slashes CO2 emissions

Nissan tell us they estimate they have achieved a more than 22% cut in carbon dioxide emissions over the past decade.

The Japanese car company has released its annual Sustainability Report which shows the creation of more electric cars and cleaner production techniques have helped the company achieve the air-pollution reduction.

Hitoshi Kawaguchi, Nissan Chief Sustainability Officer, said the 22.4% reduction in CO2 emissions was just the start.

“We aim to deliver further environmental progress in addition to promoting all electric vehicles and pursuing efficiency, on energy and resource diversity, efficiency and recycling in the current year, as part of the Nissan Green Program.

“This reflects the continued efforts of all Nissan employees and partners, in line with our mid-term corporate objectives.”

Nissan has been one of the leaders in EV development and boasts the highest-selling electric car yet, the Nissan LEAF (pictured above).

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