Nissan Sees More Sales Increases in 2015

Nissan Sees More Sales Increases in 2015

Nissan sales data reveals 2015 was another year of growth.

The Nissan success story continues on with official sales data coming out of Japan tonight showing 2015 was another year of sales and production growth for the brand.

In all, Nissan delivered 5,421,804 vehicles, that number representing a 2.4% increase on 2014 and the best year in Nissan history. It was also the sixth consecutive year of global sales increases for the brand.

Nissan sales slowed down a little in Japan in 2015 but global hunger for Nissan cars continued.

In the U.S., sales increased 7.1% to 1,484,918 units, a calendar-year record. Nissan sales in Mexico climbed 19%, there was a 3.0% increase in deliveries in Europe and Nissan sold 1.25 million cars in China in 2015, a solid 6.3% more than in 2014.

While Nissan’s global production in 2015 increased 1.4% with production plants in the U.S., Mexico and China all turning out more vehicles that the previous year. Production in Japan, the U.K. and Spain all slowed.

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