Nissan-Mitsubishi merger not on the cards

Nissan-Mitsubishi merger not on the cards

But Carlos Ghosn wants Mitsubishi to change…

There has been much speculation around the future of Mitsubishi following Nissan’s major investment in its Japanese rival.

Renault-Nissan now holds a controlling interest in Mitsubishi (details here) and many had predicted that would mean an inevitable merger of Nissan and Mitsubishi into a single entity.

However, CEO of both Nissan and Mitsubishi, and Chairman of the Renault-Nissan Alliance, Carlos Ghosn, says that’s not on anyone’s agenda at the moment.

Instead, Mr Ghosn he wants to see Mitsubishi “reform itself”.

Speaking at the opening of a new Mitsubishi factory in Indonesia, Mr Ghosn said instead of a merger, he wants to see Mitsubishi and Nissan cooperate on cross-manufacturing opportunities.

Those comments come after recent reports that Nissan and Mitsubishi would share the same pick-up/ute platform in the future (details here).

At this stage though there has been no official word on how Nissan/Mitsubishi will work together, as always though, we will keep you updated in our Car News section.

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