Nissan LEAF sales accelerate in Europe in 2016

10% increase in sales of Nissan electric car in Europe this year…

Nissan Australia will be envious; however, the Nissan LEAF is proving an increasingly popular offering in Europe.

Proving the classic case of ‘chicken or the egg’, as electric vehicle charging infrastructure continues to provide greater coverage across Europe, EV sales in general continue to climb.

Euro countries are also commonly much more enthusiastic about handing over government rebates and the like to ensure that an electric car is a more affordable proposition than here in Australia.

Nissan is taking full advantage of all this with the world’s best-selling electric car – the LEAF.

Sales are up by 10% so far this year in Europe with more than 75,000 Nissan LEAF vehicles on the roads there.

“Europe’s electric vehicle market is growing at an extraordinary pace as motorists across the continent switch on to the multiple benefits that electric mobility provides.” says Gareth Dunsmore, Director of Electric Vehicles at Nissan Europe.

“We aim to offer customers around the world a safer and more sustainable future through our electric vehicle range.

“By driving sales, we are encouraging increasing numbers of drivers to switch to EVs and ultimately, move towards to a zero-emission future.”

For the record, in Australia this year Nissan has found just 42 buyers for the LEAF, that number down 64% on the same period last year.

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