Next-gen Kia Sportage revealed

Sketches show dynamic new shape for Kia Sportage.

Next-gen Kia Sportage revealed - the quite aggressive new lines of the fourth-generation Kia Sportage.

It’s on of Kia’s best-selling models and now the Kia Sportage is in line for a fresh new shape.

Set to be revealed officially at the Frankfurt International Motor Show next month, the sketches released this afternoon by Kia Australia mark the first time we have been given a glimpse of the new fourth-generation Kia Sportage.

In releasing the sketches, which are fresh from Kia’s European design centre, Kia said the all-new Sportage features; “a bold, progressive design, which exudes power and agility from every angle.”

While adding that the - “dynamic compact SUV styling creates visual harmony out of the tension between bold, precise feature lines and dramatically-sculptured bodywork.”

Inside, the all-new Sportage  - “marries simple, modern style with rich material quality for Kia’s most refined, highest-quality cabin to date.”

Next-gen Kia Sportage revealed - the sketches show a new, modern cabin layout.

We will keep you updated with the progression of the new fourth-generation Kia Sportage in coming months.

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Joel Helmes