February 23, 2020

New survey finds eating while driving common

Despite distraction and hygiene concerns many motorists still eating…

New survey finds eating while driving common

We recently looked at the worrying level of bacteria and germs that are happily at home in your car interior, and of course we all know the dangers of diver distraction.

But despite it being illegal in some countries, and the good advice against doing it, there seems to be a large percentage of drivers who still use their vehicle as a moving dining room.

A new UK study has found that 27% of drivers in that country admit to having unwrapped and eaten food on the go, while 33% admitted to eating food someone else has unwrapped for them.

Conducted by the road safety charity ‘Brake’ and car insurance company, Direct Line Insurance, the study also found:

  • The worst offenders are drivers aged 25-34
  • Just under a third of those admitted to eating and driving at least once a week
  • One in ten said they had been involved in a near-miss because they were distracted by eating (a near-miss was classed as having to suddenly break or swerve to avoid a hazard)
  • While it was London drivers who reported the most food related near-miss incident

Alice Bailey from Brake tells us the results are concerning for all road users.

“Eating on the go can be tempting, but drivers who are distracted by something else, even food, significantly increase their risk of causing a devastating crash.

“If you’re hungry, you probably need to take a short break from driving to eat and recuperate before continuing your journey when you’re not distracted by hunger or eating.”

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