New Isuzu small-truck option available in Australia

Isuzu’s new Vanpack truck arrives

Operators requiring a light-duty vehicle for applications such as parcel deliveries are being urged to think just slightly bigger and opt for a small truck instead of a van.

Isuzu has just brought to the Australian market a new option – the Isuzu NNR 45-150 AMT Vanpack.

With just a 4.5 tonne GVM, the Isuzu offering can be driven on a regular car licence, but boasts significantly more cargo space than a regular van - 18.5 m3.

Coming as standard with an Isuzu factory-built body, the new N-Series variant really is ‘ready for work’.

With a 110kW/375Nm turbo-diesel engine and standard features including an automated manual transmission, sat-nav and double rear barn doors, Isuzu’s Simon Humphries says it can’t be beaten on capability and convenience.

“As logistics increasingly demands shipments delivered to customer’s doors, the NNR 45-150 AMT Vanpack means operators won’t have to compromise when they’re looking for a vehicle that can carry a lot but is nimble enough to navigate narrow, metropolitan streets,”

“We also expect the appeal of being able to put the Vanpack to work as soon as it’s driven out of the showroom – with the correct registration and insurance – won’t be lost on savvy business owners looking to get the most out of their equipment,”

The NNR 45-150 AMT Vanpack in now available in Isuzu dealerships.

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