New hardtop option for Volkswagen Amarok buyers in UK


The buyers of Volkswagen Amarok vehicles in the UK can now have a hardtop fitted to their vehicle by their Volkswagen dealership.

New hardtop option for Volkswagen Amarok buyers in UKVolkswagen Commercial Vehicles in the UK say the new Truckman hardtops meet their stringent manufacturing and technical standards and is available in a wide range of colours.

Will we see a similar arrangement with a hardtop supplier in Australia?

Not at this stage, according to Volkswagen Australia spokesman, Kurt McGuiness.

“There are no plans to offer a hardtop officially with the current range.” He said.

We will keep you updated with info should that situation change.

Commenting on the new hardtops available in the UK, Trevor Hodgson-Phillips, Head of Service and Parts for Volkswagen Commercial Vehicles, said they further enhance the range of off-the-shelf storage solutions offered by the brand.

“There is now even greater choice for business users and those Amarok owners that require a more commercial practical storage solution.

“Working in partnership with Truckman, these hardtops help us to meet the business needs of our customers.

“With the variety of colours available, the new hardtops are guaranteed to make Volkswagen drivers stand out from the rest.”

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