New Car Running-In Tips

New Car Running-In Tips

How to protect your car when it needs you most…

How you start a car’s life can make a difference a down the track and that means following just a few easy steps to help run-in your new car in the best way.

Sure, modern cars don’t quite need the same levels of early-life TLC that our older vehicles did, however keeping these few tips in mind are still advised.

Best of all, they really aren’t hard to do, or complicated.

IAM RoadSmart recommends we follow these simple steps in the days and weeks after picking up our brand new vehicle:


Allow the brakes to bed in. Start driving gently and avoiding harsh accelerating and braking heavily.

Tyres will also last longer if treated gently for the first few hundred kilometres.

Make Checks

Check the coolant levels and oil frequently. The oil consumption may be relatively high for the first 5,000/10,000kms as the engine parts gradually loosen up, but it should then settle down.

If possible, avoid long runs at constant engine speed for the first 1,000km or so.

Varying the engine speed helps the parts to start working together over the full speed range.

Fuel Economy

Fuel consumption will also gradually improve as the moving parts wear in, so don’t be too disappointed if your first tankful doesn’t take you as far as you hoped.

It is quite normal for fuel economy to increase gradually over several thousand kilometres.

Following these easy steps should help all your engine and mechanical components ‘bed-in’ nicely and that could mean a longer and more trouble-free life.

Got any other car running-in tips? Let us know below or send us an email at [email protected]

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