New Aussie-designed anti-theft device launched

New Aussie-designed anti-theft device launched

COP-LOCK device now available

Not everyone drives a new car with all the best anti-theft software and devices built in.

While even the best electronic wizardry looks possible to be beaten by high-tech crooks who keep lifting their arsenal of tools well above the humble screwdriver or coat hanger!

About 5,000 cars are stolen in Australia every month.

The best car theft deterrent really does seem to be the fitment of something strong and sturdy that makes it near impossible for thieves to get away with your set of wheels.

There’s a new Aussie designed device that might be worth a closer look.

The just launched ‘COP-LOCK’ was developed by a retired Australian Police Officer who wanted to give car owners piece of mind that their car would be remain right where they left it.

The device attaches to the brake or clutch pedal, is said to be user friendly for any driver and is virtually indestructible.

Though they do admit it would take an oxyacetylene torch to get it off!

A visual deterrent, as it is easily seen from outside the vehicle, COP-LOCK carries an RRP of $79.95 plus shipping and handling and can be ordered from the COP-LOCK website.

Aside from investing in a device like this, why not check out our Four Steps to Avoiding Car Theft.

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