Do I need the paint/interior protection?

Do I need the paint/interior protection?

An answer to a question all new car buyers ask…

You’ve just shaken hands on a deal to buy your next new car when all of a sudden you’re shuffled into another room at your local car dealership.

Sitting behind the desk is a person you’ve never met before and you can be sure as anything they will be VERY excited about the car you’ve just purchased.

A brown Corona with a vinyl roof? Wow, I have that exact same car!

It’s one of the oldest routines in the car sales business. As you probably know this person that is taking such a keen interest in your new set of wheels is going to try and hit you up for the paint and fabric protection.

Normally an aftermarket product (i.e. not a product produced/marketed by a car company), the salesperson will give you the spiel about how the product can resist chips, flaking, sun fade, children’s vomit, dog hair, and probably just about everything short of nuclear Armageddon (and maybe even that too!).

Then, when they figure you’ve had enough – you get the price. Although, often this is never given as a lump sum, they want you to absorb the cost of the treatments into your finance and will probably quote you something like “just $4 a week”.

A lot of people must go ahead with it, there’s a better than good chance you will find yourself in this very situation when you choose to buy your next new car.

But is it a good investment? Is it good value? And are there other options?

We got asked this very question on Facebook by Veronica…

Here’s our take on paint and fabric protection:

There is a case for and against paying the extra for these treatments. Yes, it is in the dealers financial interest to get you to sign up, so beware about making a decision in the excitement of buying a new vehicle.

Yes, the products most likely work. However, that doesn’t mean that there aren’t other options that will also keep your car interior/exterior shiny and bright for a fraction of the cost e.g. you can get a can of Scotchguard Fabric Protection for less than $20.

While so long as you use quality car wash, polish etc. on the paint then you probably don’t even need anything else for your car exterior.

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