Nearly half of car buyers happy to do deal online

U.S. study finds strong support for online new car sales

online car sales

We’ve been keeping you updated with info around developments in the online new car sales space.

Now comes the results of a study that might encourage more car manufacturers to look at ways of encouraging car buyers to avoid heading into a dealership to talk a deal on a new car.

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Chase Auto Finance found 47% of 3,535 U.S. consumers surveyed in September said they were comfortable completing their entire vehicle purchase online, from researching to financing.

However, Automotive News reports that a visit to the dealership is still important to consumers, according to the survey.

Of those who were uncomfortable completing the purchase online, more than half said they preferred going to the dealership.

68% said they felt a vehicle purchase was too big to make online.

While more than three-quarters said they wanted to test drive the vehicle before buying it.

How would you feel about buying your next new car entirely online? If you can save time, or dollars would you be open to it?

Let us know your thoughts on online car sales in the comments section below.

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