Navman MyEscape Series Three Review

Navman MyEscape Series Three Review

Joel Helmes reviews the Navman MyEscape sat-nav.

Navman MyEscape Series Three Review
Navman MyEscape Series Three Review.

Here’s the GPS unit you want to get if you love to get off-road and/or you regularly tow a caravan, boat or trailer.

The new Navman MyEscape Series Three has arrived, and while it technically is just about exactly the same as the other Navman offerings on the market in 2014, this one has an adventurous edge.

The unit comes with detailed maps of known 4WD trails and over 8000 points of interest and locations for outdoor activity.

Not only that, the big 7” unit also comes with Large Vehicle Assist, this is programming that will help you choose routes that are best suited to adventurers who are towing a boat or caravan or the like. You simply add your vehicles total dimensions and the Navman will keep you on tracks and roads that suit.

Navman MyEscape Series Three Review
The Navman comes with a secure windshield mount and features include speed alerts and points of interest.

As with the other units, this Navman will also find you the closest service stations, it can warn you of unexpected road conditions, give you real-time traffic information and can even suggest places for you to stay and eat!

The Navman MyEscape Series Three also comes with a handy little extra feature – the ability to a connect reversing camera, a very handy extra if towing or driving a large vehicle.

As with the other Navman products the software in the unit is really user-friendly and easy to set-up, all you need is a 12v power supply and you are on your way.

With features such as Bluetooth hands-free (which works really well), in-built Lonely Plant Travel Guides, spoken safety alerts, speed alerts and even fatigue alerts, this is one unit that’s well worth investing in.

Navman MyEscape Series Three Review
Want to take the ‘road less travelled’? Just hit the button and the Naman MyEscape will show you your options.

The Navman MyEscape Series Three has a RRP of $399.

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