Navman MiVue Drive Review

Navman MiVue Drive Review

Joel Helmes reviews the Navman MiVue GPS and digital driver recorder.

Navman MiVue Drive Review
Navman MiVue Drive Review.

Sometimes things go perfectly together - like bacon and eggs, chips and sauce and Bogey and Bacall! Thus, the idea of putting a dash cam in a GPS unit makes perfect sense!

Navman has done just that with the new MiVue Drive. Featuring a digital drive recorder that records High Definition footage as you drive, this could cover you if you have a collision, or if you are the victim of, or witness, road rage or other offences.

The Navman MiVue Drive also has a G-Shock sensor which registers the magnitude and direction of any hit that your car might take, you can then view a diagram showing where the hit came from and how it happened, clever!

Navman MiVue Drive Review
The unit features full GPS capabilities and functions.

Being a Navman unit, the GPS functions of the MiVue Drive are easy to use and work really well. Features include free monthly map updates, spoken safety alerts and landmark guidance.

Navman MiVue Drive Review
The camera records in High Definition and has a wide angle view.

Summing it up: This is such a clever idea and the execution from Navman is spot-on. The Navman MiVue Drive is a quality unit, and with easy installation and programming, a 8GB memory card included and all the software you need to keep the unit up to date on your computer, its very hard to find anything about it that could be improved.

The Navman MiVue Drive comes with a two year warranty and has a RRP of $299. It’s available from all major electronic retailers.


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