Navman MiVue 580 Drive Recorder Review

Navman MiVue 580 Drive Recorder Review

Joel Helmes reviews a full HD digital drive recorder from Navman.

Navman MiVue 580 Drive Recorder Review
Navman MiVue 580 Drive Recorder Review.

We’ve been checking out the Navman GPS range in recent times, now we’ve been sent out a new Navman HD drive recorder.

Called the Navman MiVue 580, it features a 2.5” colour display screen, GPS tracking, full high-definition recording, it even records the sound inside the cabin and it can take still photographs at the push of a button!

But, the best bits are that it can record at night thanks to in-built Sony Night Vision technology, and the unit also displays your current speed right there on the screen, handy.


It starts recording as soon as you turn on the power in your car and can record on either a one, three or five minute loop. The in-built G-Sensor will also start the recording function automatically if it senses an event (such as another car backing into your vehicle) when you are parked.

It also has an Event Recording function that changes the mode to the “emergency” recording function if high speed or a sudden impact is detected. Videos captured by this function are stored separate to the regular recording loop.

With a 130 degree wide-angle camera this unit is handy for capturing crashes, road rage incidents and anything else that might happen to you out on the roads.

Navman MiVue 580 Drive Recorder Review
Handy speed display right there on the colour screen.

The Navman MiVue 580 Drive Recorder is easy to use, a cinch to set up and with an RRP of just $249 it is also very well priced.

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