Navman EZY270LMT Review

Navman EZY270LMT Review

Joel Helmes reviews the large 7” Navman GPS.

Navman EZY270LMT Review
Navman EZY270LMT Review.

I don’t need to tell you that one common trend with technology is the constant desire to make devices smaller and more compact.

That philosophy might work for some, but for others smaller buttons, screens, fonts and details may not be a welcome progression!

Luckily, for people who may enjoy or require a more easy-to-use GPS device, the people at Navman have them covered with the new EZY270LMT. Featuring all the same features as the recently reviewed Navman MY600LT, this version features a large 7” inch touchscreen and with that comes some real usability advantages…

Navman EZY270LMT Review
Set-up takes only a matter of a couple of minutes.

With large, easy to read font and a very well-thought out and easy to use operating system, I was very impressed with this unit.

Navman EZY270LMT Review
The large touchscreen, large font and big buttons make the unit very easy to use.

Aside from the large and easy to use design, the features in this unit are particularly amazing! It comes with Bluetooth, enabling you to connect to your mobile phone and make hands-free phone calls, live traffic updates, landmark guidance, which will find you services including petrol stations and even places to eat, and the Navman will even remind you that you might need to take a driving break!

With a recommended retail price of $279, this is a unit sure to meet a positive response for anyone looking for an easy to use, fully featured GPS unit.

Full marks!

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  1. I just ordered a Navman EZY270LMT from Dick Smith online. I can’t wait for the 7-inch display. I have used older models before and they’ve been fantastic. Navman is definitely the way to go!

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