National Truck Inspection Manual Welcomed

Trucking Association welcomes Heavy Vehicle Inspection Manual.

National Truck Inspection Manual Welcomed - the new manual is being rolled out across Australia.

The move to a new National Heavy Vehicle Inspection Manual will provide clarity to truck owners and operators, according to the Australian Trucking Association (ATA).

Launched today by the National Heavy Vehicle Regulator (NHVR), the new manual has been designed to provide consistent inspection standards across Australia.

ATA CEO, Christopher Melham, said the new manual is a good move as truck inspection requirements are now so much more easy to log and track, across jurisdictions.

“With a single set of uniform standards to work from, trucking operators can avoid the frustration of enforcement officers applying different standards in different states and territories.

“The ATA consulted extensively with the NHVR during the development of this manual to ensure it meets the requirements of the trucking industry.

But Mr Melham warns that the manual won’t be as effective if inspectors aren’t properly trained.

“The NHVR must now support the uniform use of this manual by also rolling out an education and awareness program targeting heavy vehicle inspectors.

“It’s essential that the NHVR is the one to provide this training in order to ensure inspectors interpret and apply the standards in a uniform and nationally consistent manner.”

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