“Mugen Shinden Go” Electric Motorcycle the most powerful yet

The Mugen Shinden Go was unveiled at the recent Tokyo Motorcycle Show, and shows just how much electric technology has developed.

The bike generates 120 kW and a massive 210 Nm of torque.

This is the fifth generation Shinden (Go is the number 5 in Japanese) and while the bike has been specifically built to compete in the Isle of Man TT Zero race in June, it gives a clear indication of the performance we can extract from electric machines.

Like the amazing Tesla Model S, performance figures for electric bikes equal and often far surpass many of their petrol powered counterparts.

The team expects the new bike to break the 120mph (193km/h) average lap speed on the Isle of Man circuit. Last year’s model came extremely close at 119.279 mph.

Those speeds place the bike in the realm of the 650cc Lightweight TT machines, and a bit slower than the 128mph laps we expect from the Supersport TT bikes.

To get the required performance out of the bike, the Go is based around a uniquely-shaped monocoque frame and uses plenty of carbon fibre to keep strength high and weight as low as possible.

Driving the oil-cooled engine is a bank of lithium-ion batteries with a 370 volt output.

While the performance is there, the longevity of the batteries is still the main issue with electric bikes.

Even so, while projects like the Mugen are pushing the boundaries in performance, they’re also helping to build the credibility of electric bikes as alternatives to petrol powered machines.

Mugen will run the same successful two rider team of John McGuinness and Bruce Anstey that claimed first and second in last year’s race.

This year’s Isle of Man event starts on the 28th May, and the TT Zero is scheduled for the 3rd of June.

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