Motoinno TS3 Prototype Appears

Motoinno TS3 Prototype Appears

Innovative Motoinno TS3 Prototype Seen at Phillip Island.

One of the more interesting motorcycles spotted at the International Island Classic at Phillip Island last weekend was the Motoinno TS3 prototype.

From the very first glance, the obvious stand out feature of this bike is that the front suspension does not use telescopic forks.

And whilst at first you might also consider it to be another variation on a hub-centre steering suspension, creator Ray Van Steenwyk is quick to point out that you would be wrong to think so.

A closer inspection of the suspension shows that unlike a hub-centre steer mechanism, the suspension arms are articulated.

The front suspension arms on the Motoinno TS3 prototype form a highly adjustable offset parallelogram and together with its highly stable triangulated steering mechanism, the suspension maintains constant and stable steering geometry over the full range of its travel.

This solves one of the major issues associated with a traditional fork suspension, and was one of the motivating factors behind the project.

The design also isolates braking and steering forces from the suspension movement, taking away the problem associated with using a front brake mid corner which is the cause of many motorcycle crashes.

Created in Brisbane by Motorcycle Innovation, the TS3 prototype is the result of many years of research and development.

Motorcycle Innovation Director, Colin Oddy, says the company is now at the stage of being able to build small runs of limited edition motorcycles each year fitted with the TS3 front end.

The company’s next big goal though, is to take the technology to Moto2.

Colin says, “We’ve had such great feedback on the bike and those who have had the chance to ride it, including Sir Alan Cathcart, have praised the design.”

”We are now looking for the right partner to take the technology to the next level and take Australian innovation to the world.”

The company has now released limited information about the technology and the results of some of its testing through its website.

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