More Electric Motorcycles to Feature in BMW Range

More Electric Motorcycles to Feature in BMW Range

BMW Motorrad to increase electric bike range in coming years.

BMW is placing a huge amount of importance on the development of electric vehicles, and electric scooters and motorcycles will feature more in the BMW range over the coming years.

The launch of the C Evolution electric scooter in 2014 earned BMW the title as the first major motorcycle manufacturer to release an electric model.

The C Evolution performs well - the water cooled electric engine produces peak power of 35kW, it has a top speed of around 120km/h and a range of 100km. Charge time is a very reasonable 3 hours.

Unfortunately, BMW has never imported the C Evolution to Australia and sales success overseas has been limited primarily because of the scooter’s cost.

But BMW acknowledges that electric vehicles are here to stay and part of the solution where governments are demanding environmentally clean vehicles to meet ever tightening emissions requirements.

Even though the company is happy with the C Evolution scooter, it is working to reduce the scooter’s cost while maintaining the premium image it currently has.

The C Evolution uses 3 of the same batteries used in the i3 electric car, and with increased sales of electric cars comes economies of scale that will transfer to electric scooters and motorcycles.

BMW is reportedly also working to redesign the electric motor of the C Evolution, hoping to reduce the cost of the unit.

There is even the possibility of an electric version of the C1 going into production.

The C1 was an “all weather” enclosed scooter produced in 2001 and 2002.

It was designed to offer the convenience of a scooter or motorbike but without many of the associated dangers, and BMW added passive safety features to the scooter.

It claimed that in a head-on collision, the C1 offered a standard of accident protection comparable to a European compact car.

In 2009 BMW used the same layout for the C1-E, an electric scooter concept vehicle.

BMW also recently released details of its eRR experimental sports bike based on the S 1000 RR.

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