More Details Released On Yamaha MT-10

Yamaha has released further details on the latest addition to the Yamaha MT range - the MT-10.

Since its unveiling in Milan last year, Yamaha has been very secretive about the new bike’s specifications.

It has been common knowledge that the bike is based heavily on the YZF-R1 and uses the same main frame, swingarm, suspension and wheels.

The engine has been re-tuned to give better mid-range responsiveness, and the electronics package is very similar but missing the Inertial Measurement Unit.

The Yamaha MT-10 also has rider modes, traction control, cruise control, Yamaha’s Slip & Assist clutch, and a full LCD instrument cluster like the R1.

The engine generates 118kW at 11,500rpm and 111nm at 9,000rpm. Total kerb (wet) weight is  210kg.

Yamaha has stated the MT-10 is the “most remarkable naked bike to be developed by Yamaha so far”.

It’s last attempt at a 1000cc naked bike, the FZ1, missed the mark but the MT-10 has a lot more going for it.

The bike will fall into an already busy market segment and compete with the Suzuki GSX-S1000, Kawasaki’s Z1000, the BMW S1000R, and Triumph’s new Speed Triple S.

The official launch is expected in April, and the European market will be the first to get the MT-10 in May.

The Australian release date and pricing are yet to be announced, we will keep you updated.

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